Society for Neuroscience Kansas City Chapter

Greetings Neuroscience Fans.

SITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Please excuse our mess.

We recently held our annual Brain Bee. It was an exciting contest, held in the brand new Health Education building at KU Medical Center. We had a great turnout of competitors, and we'd like to thank each of the participants, family and friends who came to be a part of the event. It was an exciting contest with challenging new questions, and participants did a truly impressive job answering these real neuroscience questions.

This year, the final round was an exciting run to the finish with two outstanding contestants. In the end, we are proud to be sending off our winner to the 2018 National Brain Bee, and she is now studying and practicing hard for the upcoming event to be held at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, March 15 - 18.

Good luck to our champion in the 2018 US Brain Bee!

From the Executive Members of the Society for Neuroscience Kansas City Chapter.

P.S. Please check back as we continue to revamp our website. In the mean time, you can stay in touch with us on facebook.