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The midterm “why-bother” election? With voter turnout constantly underwhelming expectations, the midterm elections are just-as, if not more-important than the general, quadrennial elections held every 4-years. Midterm elections feature races for Governors, Senators, Representatives and other state-officials. Many individuals keep up with these races, but may be less familiar with ballot initiatives. Therefore, this blog […]

  Right now, we are living in the world of a “Continuing Resolution” (CR). This means Congress did not pass an appropriations bill for FY2015 by Oct 1, 2014. This isn’t surprising. In fact, CR’s are frequently employed as a means to keep the government running. Literally, Congress has resolved to continue funding the government […]

The 2014 Congressional August recess is one of the best times of the year to engage policymakers, and on August 7 and August 20, 2014, we did exactly that.   Historically, the Senate adjourned their session in the spring in order to avoid the sweltering summer heat. By 1970, year-long sessions became a regular occurrence; […]

Welcome back to the SFNKC SAP blog.   As you may or may not be aware, Congress is in recess for the month of August.  During this time, members of Congress will return to their home states or districts and participate in a number of events to directly reach their constituents.   One such opportunity […]

  “I am a scientist, and I like science.  Does that make me an advocate?”   Hello again from the SFNKC science advocacy and policy (SAP) blog!   Today’s blog post is dedicated to answering the above question.  Scientists typically like science (note the good-natured humor) and therefore may assume that implies they are an […]

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